For boys ages 6-23

By joining Shlomie’s Club, our boys join a family. Shlomie’s Club offers support to boys who have lost a parent through a wide range of programs:

Quarterly Events

From snow tubing to daled minim shopping, these events are a great way for our boys to connect with each other. Events take place in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Los Angeles.

2 Annual Shabbatons

One in the US, and one for our bochurim learning in Israel, the Shabbatons give boys a great experience as well as an opportunity to speak and share openly without distraction or judgement of any kind.

Bar Mitzvah Program

Shlomie’s Club is a family, and we love sharing in our boys’ simchos. We help our boys prepare for their bar mitzvahs by providing funding for hat, clothing, and tefilin. We can also help with preparing their leining and pshtetl, and each boy receives a gift in honor of this special day. 

Camp Packages

Boys of all ages who attend sleepaway camp receive a care package with nosh and gifts, including a personal note for each half of the summer they’re away.

Chassan Program

When one of our boys becomes a chassan, we’re thrilled to help him navigate this exciting time in his life. We provide a full array of services including gift cards for clothing and jewelry, as well as assistance applying to various community resources. 

In addition to our general services:

Therapy Referrals

If therapy is desired, we work to connect our boys with a good fit therapist from our database of 750+ vetted, licensed, professionals. If it’s not a perfect match, we’ll try again until it is.

Therapy Funding

We partner with other organizations to cover therapy for our boys. If approved, a large portion of the cost is underwritten.

Family Resources Center

Located in Brooklyn, our Family Resources Center welcomes our boys to a safe space where they can read, study, play games and spend relaxing time together. This is also the hub for our music/art groups.

Erev Shabbos Brachos

Rabbi Paysach Krohn & Rabbi Yaakov Bender each record a two-minute message of chizuk along with an Erev Shabbos bracha, which our boys receive by phone every week.


Five times a year, we publish our Kids Connect and Teens Connect magazines, where girls can find support, answers to their questions, and a sense of community.  Our magazines are mailed free-of-charge to hundreds of girls across America, Canada, Israel, Europe and Australia.

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